acrylic on exterior concrete wall, 10' x 54' - 2017

Follow The Light Within

Gallery of some of the murals I have completed.

Golden Colorado Themed Mural

acrylic house paint on interior dry wall, 10' x 20' - 2020

Mural commissioned for a long exterior wall mural by a small business with a pilates studio and IV vitamin therapy clinic. Located in the RINO Art District of Denver, CO. This commission's only request was that it had water in the design and an inspirational theme.

Mural commissioned for an office wall for a company in Golden, CO. The office building is within walking distance of the Buffalo Herd Nature Preserve.

Frida Kahlo's CAla Azul

acrylic paint on two exterior garage doors, each with the dimensions of 7' x 8' - 2018

Mural commissioned by a home owner in the Curtis Park neighborhood of Denver. She asked me to paint a mural of an iconic photo of Frida Kahlo on one garage door and Frida's Cala Azul (blue house) on the other. The Cala Azul section shows a few of her exotic pets; a fawn and two parrots that lived with her in her home.

Map of Denver's Highland's Area

acrylic paint on plaster wall - 6' x 10' - 2018

Mural commissioned by the Fairfield Inn located in the Highland's neighborhood of Denver. The commission request was to paint an accurate map that would help guests visiting Denver know what is available to them around the hotel. This was painted in a location seen as you walk in from the parking garage to check into your room.