Gabe Wells

Imaginative Realism Painter and Sculptor

Currently living in Denver, CO

Creating artwork is a journey into our nonverbal inner worlds in which we return with something to share visually with others. The value of art is that it reveals those unspoken inner states and helps us feel less emotionally isolated. Art connects us as we find our own paths to self-discovery.

Gabe Wells, painter, artist, in Denver Colorado
Gabe Wells, painter, artist, in Denver Colorado

Contests & Awards

2022 - one of the 50 finalists in Beautiful Bizarre's International Traditional Art Prize

2007 – Pedestrian Projects – Jacksonville, FL – Regional Juried Show (2nd Place)

Exhibition History

01/2023 - Valkarie Gallery - Chinese New Year Invitational - Lakewood, CO - Group Show

01/2021 - Valkarie Gallery - Chinese New Year Invitational - Lakewood, CO - Group Show

09/2020 - Valkarie Gallery - Lakewood, CO - Featured Artist

01/2020 - Valkarie Gallery - Chinese New Year Invitational - Lakewood, CO - Group Show

12/2019 - ASLD - The Future is Feminine - Denver, CO - Group Show

11/2019 - Helikon Gallery - All Good Things - Denver, CO - Group Show

08/2019 – Spectra Art Space – For the Record – Denver, CO – Group Show

12/2018 - Helikon Gallery - Tiny Treasures - Denver, CO - Group Show

10/2018 - Red Wolf Gallery - Denver, CO - Group Show

07/2018 - Helikon Gallery - Hometown Heroes - Denver, CO - Group Show

10/2017 – Spectra Art Space – For the Record – Denver, CO – Group Show

01/2017 – Spectra Art Space – Budding Artists – Denver, CO – Group Show

12/2016 – The Vault Art Studio – Sweet Dreams – Denver, CO – Group Show

10/2016 – The Vault Art Studio – Cannaball & Tiny Art Show – Denver, CO – Group Show

07/2016 – House of Cannabis Art Space – Denver, CO – Group Show

11/2014 – Helikon Gallery – Denver, CO – “Volume” – Group Show

08/2011 – Next Gallery – Denver, CO – “Heat” – Group Show

08/2011 – Spark Gallery, Inc. – Denver, CO – Group Show

02/2010 – Avondale Artworks – Jacksonville, FL – Group Show


Florida State College at Jacksonville - 2009

Degree in Graphic Design / Digital Media

I am a self-taught painter and sculptor, born in Rockledge, Florida. My interest in art began at an early age and continued throughout my life, despite not being exposed to much art during my youth due to growing up in small rural towns in Florida and New Hampshire. Drawing became a way for me to express my inner emotional state, particularly as I often felt like an outsider due to an unstable childhood and my family moving almost every year.

As I grew older, my passion for art deepened, and it eventually became my identity. I taught myself how to paint and sculpt, experimenting with different techniques and styles to develop my own unique voice. I was driven by a desire to convey emotions and ideas through my art, to create pieces that would resonate with others and perhaps even make a difference.

Over time, my talent grew and dedication to my craft began to pay off. I started exhibiting my artwork in local galleries and selling my paintings to collectors. My artwork received recognition for its emotional depth, its raw honesty, and its ability to connect with viewers on a visceral level.

Today, I continue to create art that reflects my inner world, exploring themes of identity, belonging, and connection. I use a range of mediums, from oil and acrylic paint, to clay, to bring my ideas to life. I am passionate about sharing my artwork with others, believing that art has the power to heal, inspire, and bring people together.

Despite facing challenges and obstacles along the way, with perseverance, creativity, and self-discovery, I have remained true to my artistic vision and found a way to turn my passion into a career.

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